Embroidery Wireless Full Busted Anti Sagging Cami Bras


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Color:Light Purple,Black,Gray,Nude,Red

Size:EU 80C/US 36C,EU 80D/US 36D,EU 80E/US 36DD,EU 85C/US 38C,EU 85D/US 38D,EU 85E/US 38DD,EU 90C/US 40C,EU 90D/US 40D,EU 90E/US 40DD,EU 95C/US 42C,EU 95D/US 42D,EU 95E/US 42DD,EU 100C/US 44C,EU 100D/US 44D,EU 100E/US 44DD,EU 105C/US 46C,EU 105D/US 46D,EU 105E/US 46DD,EU 110C/US 48C,EU 110D/US 48D,EU 110E/US 48DD


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